Rapid Rebate Program

Rapid Rebates offer a streamlined approach for Customers to receive cash incentives for specific energy efficiency upgrades. Please see the current Rapid Rebate Catalog for rebate details and requirements. Projects not listed within the catalog may still be eligible through our Custom Program, please contact us at CEEP@willdan.com to learn more. Suggest we also add a button below the text that clearly links to the current catalog.

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Process Overview


Confirm Eligibility

Confirm that your building and selected equipment meets the criteria in this catalog prior to installation. Contact Willdan with any questions.



Install your equipment yourself or with a Contractor. Willdan is available to install some equipment.



Submit all documents from the post-installation checklist. Willdan will verify the installation meets the program criteria with SCE.


Rebate Payment

Once SCE approves the post-installation documents, Willdan will issue your rebate check within 30 days.

How to apply

Contact us by email or phone to reserve your rebate:

Apply Today

Rapid Rebate Measures Catalog

LED Lighting

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Food Service Equipment

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