Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Willdan?

Willdan is a nationwide provider of professional technical and consulting services to utilities, government agencies, and private industry. Willdan’s service offerings span a broad set of complementary disciplines that include electric grid solutions, energy efficiency and sustainability, engineering and planning, and municipal financial consulting.

For over 55 years, Willdan has delivered industry-leading engineering and energy solutions that have transformed government and commerce — having implemented over 100 utility programs and served 250,000 small business, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, and education customers nationwide. Willdan has provided customers with technical assistance and more than $1 billion in incentives to help save energy. Today, we are leading our clients into a future accelerated by changes in resources, infrastructure, and technology.

Willdan is the implementer of the Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Programs for eligible Southern California Edison 
(SCE) customers.

For additional information, visit Willdan’s website at

How is the Willdan Energy Efficiency Program different from previous utility programs?

Southern California Edison (SCE) has contracted with Willdan Energy Solutions to develop, implement, and offer an energy efficiency program to SCE commercial, industrial and multi-family customers. This is a Willdan Energy Efficiency program and not an SCE program; however, SCE will need to review and approve those projects to ensure they meet and qualify per program requirements. If incentives are paid, they will be paid by Willdan and not by SCE.

What are the Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Programs?

These Programs help eligible facilities save money and energy by upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment in their buildings and processes. Our team works with you to identify opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades. The program offers technical assistance, financing options, and flexible incentives to help you install those upgrades.

• The Commercial Energy Efficiency Program provides comprehensive energy efficiency for all (small, medium, and large) commercial customers with a monthly maximum demand of greater than 20 kW across Southern California Edison’s service territory.

• The Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provides comprehensive energy efficiency for all (small, medium, and large) industrial customers and subsectors with a monthly maximum demand greater than 20 kW across Southern California Edison’s service territory.

• The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program provides comprehensive energy efficiency for all (small, medium, and large) multifamily customers across Southern California Edison’s service territory.

How do the programs work?

Qualified SCE customers are given no-cost audits of their facilities and energy efficiency opportunities are presented to them with no obligation to implement. Flexible incentives may be offered, dependent on project scope and scale. Customers choose to adopt (or not) what they are comfortable with and savings are captured through a measurement and verification process. For more information click here.

Can you provide more details about how the Willdan Energy Efficiency Program works?

Willdan will verify your facility meets the program participation criteria, including ensuring you are an SCE customer and that you pay Public Purpose Program charges (found on your utility bill). We will also want to understand what rebates and incentives you may have previously received from SCE. We will perform a high-level Energy Consultation and share more details about how the program works and perform a preliminary site walk of your facility. We’ll let you know if we see any energy savings opportunities and whether or not they could qualify as eligible under this program. Eligible measures may qualify for incentives or technical assistance provided by Willdan.

Willdan will ask you to sign a Services Request Form to indicate your preliminary interest in our energy efficiency program and to authorize us to do a no-cost energy audit. We will usually require access to your facility to perform logging of equipment or to obtain trend data from an existing system. Prior to program enrollment, Willdan will provide the customer with estimated kWh savings, customer’s enrollment options, measures, the price, and the billing cycle.

If you are interested in moving forward with the program, we’ll ask you to sign a Customer-Implementer Agreement. This provides all of the fine print on the program (click for a copy of Multifamily, Industrial, and Commercial) and authorizes Willdan to move forward with performing detailed energy savings calculations. Program disclosures are available for Multifamily, Industrial, and Commercial Agreements in the links provided. This information (called the Pre-Installation Package) is submitted to SCE and the CPUC for review. After the Pre-Installation Package is approved, you can install the recommended energy efficiency measures. You can use your own contractor to do this work or use a Willdan-authorized installer or Channel Partner. For a list of authorized program participants, please visit each program’s partner page. If you need financing, we can provide you with options! If you need technical assistance, including detailed design, equipment selection, or commissioning, we can help with that too.

Congratulations! You’ve started saving energy! We will measure and verify the amount of energy you are saving and submit that to SCE and the CPUC for review (this is called the Post-Installation Package). If you qualify for an incentive, we will issue it to you after the Post-Installation Package is approved.

How do I know if I qualify for this program?

If you reach the call center, one of our Customer Service Representatives can walk you through the eligibility questions. The items listed below are the primary criteria for eligibility:

• Existing, active electric SCE customer paying the Public Purpose Program charge.

• A Commercial, Industrial, or Multi-family facility (this will be verified using your business’ NAICS code).

• Have demand greater than 20 kW (applicable for Commercial and Industrial Programs). Assuming you are eligible, Willdan’s team of auditors and engineers will perform an energy audit and identify the opportunities you qualify for.

Additional requirements for program eligibility may apply — e.g., prior participation in previous incentive programs may affect eligibility.

How do I enroll?

Once you qualify, you will be offered a Services Request Form to begin the process. From there, we will schedule a consultation and your audit to determine what measures you qualify for. If we identify solutions and a compelling business case for you to implement, then you may formally enroll in the program using Willdan’s Customer-Implementer Agreement.

Do I need a facility consultation if I already know what work needs to be done at my property?

Yes, you’ll need a new consultation through our program. If you’d like to share a previous consultation or assessment, it may reduce the time it takes to review your property.

A facility consultation is a no-cost way to help you make the right improvements for your property. It identifies a comprehensive range of measures that are specifically eligible through this program. We also recognize that available technology, property needs, and equipment health change over time, so it’s important that your upgrades reflect the latest changes.

What types of energy-efficient improvements are offered through the program?

The Program currently provides solutions for measures that include, but are not limited to, select indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC, controls, refrigeration, commercial kitchen appliances, water heating upgrades, and even electrification. Our team will provide you with more details on the specific improvements available following our audit of your facilities.

Do I need to move forward with the opportunities identified?

No! You are under no obligation to pursue or install any of the energy and/or cost savings identified by your Willdan provided audit.

Can I use my own contractor?

Yes. We will work with you to ensure that energy efficiency measures are installed properly. You can use your own contractor to do this work or use a Willdan-authorized Program Partner.

What is the do-it-yourself (DIY) option?

The DIY option helps you reduce labor costs and makes scheduling even easier. After a streamlined facility audit of each unit type, an Energy Service Representative will provide you with specialized kits that you or your tenant can install themselves. DIY-eligible measures include screw-in LEDs and other straightforward measures.

Who pays for this program?

The program is funded by California utility ratepayers through the Public Purpose Program (PPP) surcharge under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

How much is the incentive?

Your incentive is based on the estimated energy savings that will result from our recommended measures for installation. If you qualify for an incentive, it will be paid after the energy efficiency upgrade is installed and savings are verified. It should be noted that measures do not guarantee a certain amount of energy savings.

What is a Trade Pro?

A Trade Pro is a manufacturer, distributor, mechanical contractor, electrical contractor, trade organization, or other entity that wishes to participate in one of Willdan’s Energy Efficiency Programs. This participation may include marketing to customers, helping to identify energy efficiency opportunities, or customer education. Trade Pros must sign a Trade Pro Agreement with Willdan to become an authorized partner. A Trade Pro may become eligible to install/implement energy efficiency projects on Willdan’s behalf, subject to it becoming an authorized Channel Partner or authorized Installer and entering into a contract with Willdan. Customers also have the option of hiring Trade Pros to install energy efficiency measures. Trade Pros benefit by:

1. Having their logo displayed on the Program or Program’s website.

2. Receiving up-to-date information from Willdan regarding the program, incentive offerings, and Program initiatives.

3. Participating in Program-related training and education.

4. Identifying themselves as an “Approved Willdan Energy Efficiency Program Trade Professional.”

5. Engaging in program marketing and customer education with Willdan’s express written approval.

What is a Channel Partner?

A Channel Partner acts on Willdan’s behalf to identify projects and carry them through the full custom or deemed process workflow. Channel Partners provide a single point of contact to customers. Channel Partners sign a subcontract agreement with Willdan and all Channel Partner work is subject to review by Willdan. Customers have the option of using their own contractor or the Channel Partner for project installation. When customers select their own contractor, they must enter into an Installation Agreement with that contractor. When customers select a Channel Partner for installation work, they must enter into an Installation Agreement with that Channel Partner. Please refer to each program’s partner page for a full list of authorized Channel Partners.

What is an Installer?

An Installer provides direct installation services for the programs on behalf of Willdan. They are hired directly by Willdan and perform work under a fixed-fee contract to install specific measures. After an Energy Services Representative conducts a facility consultation, customers are presented with energy efficiency recommendations. When a customer selects Willdan to provide installation services directly, Willdan or one of Willdan’s Installers will implement the energy efficiency measures under a contract with the customer. All project implementation is subject to review by Willdan. Please refer to each program’s partner page for a full list of authorized Installers.