With the Commercial Energy Efficiency Program, you can receive flexible incentives, financing and free technical assistance on energy-saving upgrades. Upgrade your facility while improving your bottom line!

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Smart, Energy-Efficiency Solutions For Your Business

Southern California Edison (SCE) has contracted with Willdan Energy Solutions to develop, implement, and offer this Program to SCE customers. We provide comprehensive consultations, technical expertise, financing options, and energy-efficient upgrades.
Best of all, flexible program incentives are available to cover project costs.

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Reap the Rewards


By reducing energy consumption in your facilities, you’re also reducing your cost — not to mention cutting your overall CO2 emissions.


Energy efficiency upgrades don’t just lower energy consumption and reduce emissions. You also get the latest, most up-to-date technology — which means better reliability, less maintenance and smoother operations.


Save on energy costs in the long run with smart, customized energy efficiency upgrades. Save money up-front with flexible incentives and financing that helps cover 
project costs.

Available Upgrades

200+ Energy-Saving Opportunities

With 200+ efficiency upgrades available, we’ll find the perfect combination of measures to help your bottom line.

Learn More

LED Lighting and Controls


High-efficiency chillers and HVAC


VFDs and Controls


BMS controls and optimization


Whole Building Retro-commissioning

How It Works

We Make it Simple

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Businesses Served

Solutions for every business

  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Warehouses
  • Technology
  • Private Universities
  • Lodging
  • and more!

Program Features

Savings and so much more

  • Do-it Yourself. Want to minimize disruptions and potentially save on labor costs? We'll review your facility and provide equipment kits to install yourself! A post-installation inspection minimizes interruptions while confirming that everything is installed correctly.
  • Projects design and management. We can act as your technical experts, overseeing a project from inception through installation and commissioning.
  • No-upfront-cost financing. We'll connect you with the financing option that meets your real needs.