Southern California Edison (SCE) has contracted with Willdan Energy Solutions to develop, implement, and offer this program to SCE customers. We provide comprehensive consultations, technical expertise, financing options, rebates, and turnkey solutions for eligible equipment upgrades.

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Start saving today with new energy efficiency programs for industrial, multifamily, and commercial customers. Click on your facility type to find out more.

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Upgrades for Industrial Facilities in SCE service territory.

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Upgrades for Commercial Facilities in SCE service territory.

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Upgrades for Multifamily Facilities in SCE service territory

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MWh Savings Delivered






  • Active SCE electric account.
  • Pay Public Purpose Program (PPP) surcharge.*
  • No measure/project may submit, claim or receive any rebates, discounts, incentives, or services from any other program.**
  • Additional eligibility requirements may apply. Speak with your program representative to learn more.

*PPP surcharge must be paid for the account where energy-efficient equipment will be installed. Exception made for customers exempt from gas PPP (per Public Utilities Code Section 896).

**No Measure, no Project, nor any Customer service account that is part of a Project, may use, submit, claim, or receive any rebates, discounts, incentives, or services from any other program, energy efficiency related or otherwise, for the Project or for any Measure installed at the Customer’s Site (whether or not installed pursuant to these Programs), for which the energy and demand savings have already been compensated including the attribution of energy and demand savings or reductions for a single Measure/activity at multiple market intervention points (e.g., energy savings or reductions claimed upstream, midstream, and at the Customer) where a particular Measure was installed or activity occurred.

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Willdan is a national leader in energy, engineering, and software consulting. Since 1964, we have helped clients across all markets achieve their long-term performance and efficiency goals.