SoCal Multifamily Properties – Enhance Tenant Comfort, Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Managing and maintaining multifamily properties is not an easy task — never mind keeping your tenants happy and occupancy rates up. Luckily, the same upgrades that can help your property be more energy efficient can also reduce your energy bill while enhancing tenant comfort and satisfaction.

What can feel like an overwhelming array of upgrade options and scheduling uncertainties is made simple by the energy solutions experts at Willdan. We drive the entire process from identifying the most cost-effective upgrade opportunities and lining up incentives to project design, management, procurement and implementation all while minimizing the impact to your tenants.

Smart, Energy-Efficient Solutions, Customized for Your Property

We understand that energy efficiency upgrades are not one-size-fits-all. Willdan helps you find and install the perfect combination of in-unit and common-area upgrades to meet your needs.

Southern California Edison (SCE) has contracted with Willdan Energy Solutions to develop, implement and offer the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program to SCE customers. As part of the program, Willdan provides comprehensive consultations, technical expertise, financing options and energy efficiency upgrades.

Best of all, we offer a range of flexible program incentives that help cover project costs up-front.

How it Works: The Energy Efficiency Process Made Simple

We guide you every step of the way — from defining the project that best works for your property to scheduling, equipment installation and identifying delivered energy savings.

Step 1: Qualify & Assess

The energy solutions experts at Willdan start by verifying that your property meets the program participation criteria: Are you an SCE customer? Do you pay Public Purpose Program charges on your utility bill? What utility rebates or incentives have you received in the past? Does your property contain two or more occupied units?

We can walk you through our no-obligation Services Request Form, which allows us to start the verification process and begin collecting utility bill information.

Once we’ve pre-qualified your site, we’ll schedule a visit to perform an energy consultation, to share how the program works and to evaluate potential energy-saving opportunities. We’ll review the program assistance that your project would qualify for, including incentives, technical assistance or other benefits that make achieving energy efficiency easier. Willdan or one of our authorized partners will work with you through the process, from defining the project you want to implement to scheduling, installation and delivering energy savings.

Step 2: Apply

You will be asked to sign a Customer-Implementer Agreement that will officially enroll you in the program. This document lists the full program terms and conditions and provides all of the program disclosures, including but not limited to estimated kWh savings, customer’s enrollment options, measures, the price and the billing cycle.

After our consultation, the project is submitted for review by SCE and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to confirm eligibility for incentives before proceeding to installation.

Step 3: Install

After SCE approves the Pre-Installation Package, you can use your own contractor or a program contractor we help identify to install your selected energy efficiency measures. We can connect you with options tailored to your specific needs if you need financing. You are under no obligation to use these financing options. We can also provide technical assistance such as engineering design, equipment selection or commissioning.

Step 4: Verify

We’ll conduct a post-installation review to measure, verify and report the amount of energy saved to you, SCE and the CPUC for review as a “Post-Installation Package.” If you qualified for an incentive, we’ll issue you a check once the Post-Installation Package is approved by SCE.

Step 5: Save

Willdan will issue your rebate check within 30 days of SCE approval. Congratulations! You’ve started saving energy and improved your facilities.

Navigate a Range of Upgrade Options for Multifamily Properties

Willdan’s energy solutions experts know the ins-and-outs of a vast range of smart, energy-saving opportunities for multifamily properties, including high-efficiency water heaters, interior and exterior lighting and controls, HVAC upgrades, energy management technologies, low-flow showerheads and faucets, high-efficiency kitchen appliances, pool pumps and lighting, and more.

We can help you understand the benefits of each option, and which combination of upgrades best suits you and your property.

Find Out How You Can Upgrade to Save

Save energy and improve your bottom line with Willdan. To learn more, visit our Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program website or email us at